1. Service area (Please click here for a map)

We do not deliver between different service areas - From Tokyo area to Osaka area (incl. Kyoto) is not possible.

We have 3 service areas available. Please read this carefully.

  • Tokyo: 23 Special Wards, Disney Land Resort, Narita International Airport and Haneda International Terminal.
  • Kansai (Osaka and Kyoto): Kansai International Airport, Osaka city and Kyoto city.
  • Fukuoka: Fukuoka city and Fukuoka Airport.

For example, we can deliver from Osaka to Kyoto! We can also transfer your luggage from Narita International Airport to Tokyo. However, we do not deliver from Tokyo to Kansai or from Kansai to Fukuoka. Delivery is for within a single service area.

2. Cancellation Policy

The customer will be charged a cancellation fee as listed below:
• Cancellation on the designated day: 100% of the payment
• No-show from the pre-specified flight: 100% of the payment
• Cancellation without notice: 100% of the payment
• Cancellation 24 hours or more before the flight arrival time: 50% of the payment

3. Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include:
• Valuables such as cash, credit cards, jewelry, gold, or platinum materials
• Hazardous materials in accordance with Japanese law
• Animals and other living organisms
• Perishables

4. Maximum Baggage Size

• The combined length of all three dimensions (length + width + height) must be less than 170 cm (67 inches).
• Individual baggage must weigh less than 30.4kg (67 pounds)

5. Baggage Insurance

Individual pieces of luggage are insured against damages and loss up to JPY50,000 per bag.

6. Disclaimer

In the event of unavoidable situations such as natural disaster, extreme weather, and/or road closure, the service provider may not be able to provide the service on time. If the service provider is unable to dispatch their staff within 30 minutes of the appointed time, the customer will receive a full refund for their order. In such a case, the service provider disclaims all liability or responsibility other than the aforementioned refund.

If the service provider cannot return the customer’s baggage, the service provider will courier it to the customer’s home address. In such a case, the service provider disclaims all liability or responsibility other than the aforementioned courier cost.

By clicking one of the buttons below and ordering our service, you agree to these terms.