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Make an order on your smartphone or PC
as soon as your itinerary for Tokyo is set
Step 2 Give your luggage to our staff.
Simply give your luggage to our staff
Arriving at the airport or going home, you won't be bothered by heavy luggage.
Step 3T
Enjoy your day in Tokyo without the heavy luggage.
Your luggage will be stored during the day.
Step 4 Your luggage will be delivered to your destination.
Your luggage will be waiting for you at your destination!
We deliver to any accommodation or to Narita and Haneda.
Step 5 Travel Light Japan is JNTO approved.
Travel Light is a service provider certified by JNTO.
JNTO = Japan National Tourism Organization

Let us help you!

From Narita or Haneda to any rental accommodation or back? From hotel to hotel? We'll take your luggage for you so you can travel light!


From our happy customers!
This is the first time that i have using this service and the outcome is very impressive. Bacause as i landing at the airport there were people waiting to pick up my bag already which is very convenient. The bag arrive at the place safely and with a report of the arrival when it reach the place. Great service !!
Mr. Sarita C.

Mr. Sarita C.

From Thailand

非常便利的服務。包括接待 服務人員 送行李的速度都出乎意料的好與快速。到大阪第一次體驗之後也會想使用。住民宿再也不怕行李寄放的問題。
Ms. Wang, Yu Chi

Ms. Wang, Yu Chi


Our flight back to Singapore was late evening flight. TravelLightOsaka helped to keep our luggage so that that whole day we still could explore Namba area. Thanks to TravelLightOsaka great service.


From Singapore

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