What we do

We can pick up your luggage in the morning and return it to you in the afternoon at a different location. Here is an example to illustrate:

On your final day in Osaka, you leave your luggage at your hotel's reception desk when you check out and visit Osaka Castle, have lunch then take a train to Kansai Internation Airport in the afternoon. Our staff meet you at the airport in person with your luggage and a smile.

Why should you use our services?

Japan’s public transportation systems are crowded, busy, and fast-paced, which can make the journey from airport to accommodation a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for luggage-carrying tourists.

Similar services only offer delivery to or from designated hotels, or require possession of your luggage an entire day before your departure time.


  1. Check in to or out from your accommodation when you want, not when you have to! Explore without dragging heavy bags around with you, or planning any detours to cope with luggage.
  2. Without bags, you can focus your attention on sightseeing, activities, and the time spent with family and friends.







From 3080¥ + 1900¥ per extra bag

From 3080¥ + 1320¥ per extra bag

From 3080¥ + 1320¥ per extra bag